Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kathleen Hanna on the Creation of Smells Like Teen Spirit

Kathleen Hanna tells a really funny story of spray painting an anti-abortion clinic with Kurt Cobain. Hanna got drunk during the course of events that night and spray painted "Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit." Hanna was commenting of Cobain's girlfriend Tobi Vail, also Hanna's Bikini Kill bandmate, wearing the deodorant Teen Spirit.

Another interesting side note: Bikini Kill were big fans of the L.A. all girl band the Pandoras. Bikini Kill was very sadden about the death of Pandoras front woman Paula Pierce. Here is what Vail wrote about Pierce in a fanzine.

Hanna praised the Pandoras on her blog.

"Has anyone noticed that the title ‘Stop Pretending‘ was already used by perhaps the best all girl garage group of all time, The Pandora’s ??? So in addition to everything else, dude accidentally ripped off both a song and album title by an amazing all girl band. I mean it’s almost like a crazy psychedelic feminist musical nightmare."

Update: Kathleen Hanna professes her love of the Pandoras on Twitter.

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