Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bill Clinton on the GOP Obsession With Obamacare

Via Addicting Info: Former President Bill Clinton appeared on This Week. Clinton remarked about the Republican Party's obsession with the Affordable Care Act.

“This bill [Obamacare] has already produced a lot of good results. Look, they are desperate for this bill to fail. Because, if it’s not a failure, everything they’ve been telling us since 1980, “big government’s bad,” is wrong. They so badly want it to fail. Can you remember a time in your lifetime when a major political party was sitting around just begging for America to fail? I don’t know what’s going to happen. I would be shocked if it fails. I just think when all these dire predictions don’t come out, if they don’t, I believe that pretty sooOn, within the next several years, this will belie Medicare and Medicaid. It will be a normal part of our lives ad people will be glad it’s there.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that enrollment on has been extended. Go to to find out is you qualify.

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