Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Pandoras Have Reunited

The reunited Pandoras will be playing their first show since 1990. Kim Shattuck will be taking over on lead vocals and guitar. Pandoras band leader Paula Price died of a brain aneurysm on August 10, 1991.

The reunited Pandoras line-up.

Kim Shattuck lead vocals and guitar

Karen Basset - bass guitar

Melanie Vammen - keyboards

Sheri Kaplan Weinstein - drums

After the demise of the Pandoras, Shattuck and Vammem formed the Muffs. This is an earlier rehearsal of the original version of the Muffs. The rehearsal space was at Dave Naz's place.

Basset was fired from the Pandoras after she decided to hire her own manager. Basset later went on to become a member of Rebel Pebbles. Basset showed up to a Pandoras radio appearance on KROQ after she was already terminated from the band. Basset was placed in a separate radio booth from the rest of the band. In 2:55 of the Youtube clip, Pierce asks on-air for girls to audition to replace Basset.

The Rebel Pebbles had a minor hit with the song Dream Lover.

Kaplan Weinstein went on to become the drummer of Hardly Dangerous.

The Pandoras have an amazing history. You could literally write a book about all the stories that have been posted on the Pandoras Facebook fanpage. Some Pandoras trivia.

Musician Don Williams dated Pierce when he was 15 years-old and she was 14 years-old. This is Williams quoting Pierce's break-up letter to Williams.

Mike was a friend of Williams.

The song Close Behind is about anal sex.

Paula Pierce said to the other members of Pandoras that she had the "best ass in L.A." This became a running joke within the Pandoras. Shattuck and Vammen joke about it early in the Muffs rehearsal video.

There was once two rival versions of the Pandoras. The original version of the Pandoras splintered due to several personality conflicts. There are stories about Gwynne Kelly hitting Pierce with a beer bottle.

KIm Shattuck has publicly stated she hates the Pandoras EP "Rock Hard."

Pierce has had sex with several members of the band The Quick. Shattuck told radio host Lee Joesph that the band learned about Pierce's relations with the Quick from the Facebook fanpage.

None of the material the Pandoras recorded for Elektra has been publicly released. The working title of the album was "Come Inside." Some of the material has been illegally released on the bootleg "Psychedelic Sluts."

Some time aafter hearing the song I'm In Love With Paula Pierce, Miss Pierce had sex with Mr. T Experience member Jon Von Zelowitz while on tour.

Shortly after Pierce's encounter with Jon Von, Nardwuar interviewed the Pandoras. The band laughs when Nardwuar asks them if they ever heard of the Mr. T Experience. Go to 7:25 in the Youtube video.

Pierce and Sheri Kaplin Weinstein played on the Ronald Vaughn song Boris Karloff didn't Meet Runaways. You can listen to the song on Vaughn's Jango.com station.

The Pandoras shared a rehearsal space at Dave Naz's place with L7. The two bands were civil with each other but did not hangout. The Pandoras were never part of the riot grrl movement. L7 was told by Naz to stop clogging the toilet with their tampons.

Steve Peake of About.com makes the argument that the Pandoras were the best L.A. girl rock band of the eighties.

Led by the late Paula Pierce, one of the most ferociously charismatic frontwomen of all time, The Pandoras emerged during the early '80s from the L.A.-based paisley underground movement, inspired by a shared affection for gritty garage punk and a uniquely retro vibe.

Pierce wrote the song Stop Pretending about her ex-boyfriend Jeff Wolf from the band the Furies. I'm told this is Pierce's fuck you to Wolf.

Kim Shattuck took this wonderful photo of Pierce. This is Pierce out of her rock star persona.

You can get the latest news about the Pandoras on their Facebook fanpage.

Correction: I have been informed that Close Behind is about doggy style and not anal sex.

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At February 18, 2015 7:01 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn;t Susan Hyatt in the reformed Pandoras? If not, what happened to her?

At February 18, 2015 5:18 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...

No, she isn't. She is in the 21 Century Pandoras.


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