Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Victoria Jackson's Latest Train Wreak Music Video

Former SNL castmate Victoria Jackson put her new music video There's a Muslim Living in the White House on Youtube. This is painful to watch. Jackson mumbles conspiracy theories about Obama being secretly a Muslim. This is so bad I literally couldn't watch the entire video.

Let's hypothetically say Obama is actually a Muslim. Are Jackson and her fellow tea party patriots saying that anyone who is automatically a terrorist or a terrorist sympathizer? If they are then that is a highly simplistic and racist way of thinking. Jackson does wonder why there isn't a White History Month.

Wonkette posted this gem that Jackson later deleted from the internet. Preach it, sister.

I’m just really tired of the white male, and especially the white conservative, Christian male being attacked in cartoons, movies, TV shows, politics, Affirmative Action, etc. It’s like in order to fix the “discrimination” problem, culture flipped the racism from “against blacks” to “against whites”. Why do we have to be “against” anyone? Aren’t we all equal?

Just for the record, white men invented rockets, space travel, airplanes, the automobile, the English language, the U.S.A., most medical advances, electricity, television, telescope, microscope, Ivy League Universities, the computer, the Internet, and on and on. I think white men should be praised and respected. White Christian Conservative Men especially, should be loved and adored. They were the backbone and originators of the greatest nation on earth. We need more of them now.

In November, 2012 The Blaze reported that Alec Baldwin tweeted, “…Obama’s re-election signaled the end of white, middle-aged Christian male dominance”.

Maybe that’s why our country is going to pot; our huge deficit, foreign attacks, crashing economy, racial and class warfare, immigration problems, bigger government, disappearing freedom, growing poverty, sky-rocketing unemployment, rancid immorality, more pregnant teens, etc. etc. – “the end of white, middle-aged Christian male dominance.” I’m just saying.

Find a white, middle-aged Christian man today and hug him. And then, encourage him and your white Christian sons to stand up, be leaders again, and save our country from the God-hating communists like Alec Baldwin and Obama.

I'm with Jackson on saving America from Alec Baldwin. The rest of her rant is hysterical nonsense.

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