Thursday, October 23, 2014

Veruca Salt - Only You Know

The classic line-up of Veruca Salt has gotten back together. Louise Post and Nina Gordon had a well-publicized falling out. "It was drugs and cheating and all that junk," Nina Gordon told Stereogum.Their story would make a great episode of Behind the Music. Nina and Louise have put their difference behind them and have released two excellent new songs for Record Store Day. You can hear the songs on Veruca Salt's website.

The song Only You Know was written by Post after Nina Gordon left the band. Post was also going through a break-up with Dave Grohl. The lyrics a biting kiss-off to an unnamed person.

Don't blame me cause you got caught

You've given me up you've taken everything I got

Those lies came straight from your mouth

I never dreamed that you would be a sellout

Only you know, only you know

Only you know, only you know


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