Friday, September 19, 2014

Blast From the Past: Satanists Rally For Rick Scott

This is a 26 minute comedy classic Satanists hold a rally in Tallahassee to praise Gov. Rick Scott for signing a bill allowing freedom of religion on school grounds. An unintended side effect is Satanists being allowed to pray to the Dark One on school grounds. Satanists praising Scott strangely seems logical.

Money quote.
"We feel confident that Rick Scott has helped initiate the inevitable: opening the gates of hell to unleash a new Luciferian age that will last one thousand years and beyond. Hail Rick Scott. Hail Satan."

This is a must see video. A hysterical part of the video is when a protester tells a Satanist to go to Hell. The Satanist took it as a compliment.

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