Monday, September 15, 2014

Online Game: Find An Ethnic Person Working At Vox

Ezra Klein's terrible site Vox has a noticeable lack of diversity. Let's see if you can find an ethnic person working at Vox on the masthead.

Let's check out the whiteness of the senior staff members.

Ezra Klein - Editor-in-Chief

Melissa Bell - Executive Editor

Matthew Yglesias - Executive Editor

Allison Rockey - Engagement Editor

Max Fisher - Content Director

Kyle Keller - Analytics Editor

Eleanor Barkhorn - Features Editor

Sarah Kliff - Senior Editor

Brad Plumer - Senior Editor

Timothy B. Lee - Senior Editor

Dylan Matthews - Special Projects Editor

Todd VanDerWerff - Culture Editor

As you can see Ezra Klein has hired a diverse group of white, whiter and super white people. Now let's see if you can find an person who isn't white working at Vox. Happy hunting.

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