Friday, October 24, 2014

Must See Video: Rick Scott Loses His Cool

It is almost refreshing to see Gov. Rick Scott behave like an actual human being. Scott has been a robotic talking points machine for 4 years and has refused to answer questions. Scott's evasiveNess and secrecy borders on Nixonian level paranoia.

Scott has been pressed by voters on why he doesn't support raising the minimum wage. Scott lost it and shouted over his own constituents. It is obvious the pressure of the campaign is taking a toll on him.

The worst part is Scott still stuck to attack talking points on Charlie Crist. What Scott may not be aware of is these voters aren't asking about Crist. They are asking for Scott to give an explanation on why he doesn't support raising the minimum wage. You would think that the campaign would have come up with a lame talking point for Scott to use. Maybe they did and Scott didn't remember the talking point because he went into panic mode.

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