Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jennifer Carroll Vs Rick Scott

Steve Bousquet must have drawn the short straw and had to read the Jennifer Carroll book for the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald political news team. Carroll served as Rick Scott's Lt. Governor. Carroll's book "When You Get There" paints a picture of Rick Scott being emotionally disconnected.

"During my entire time in office, I never received a birthday card or an anniversary card or anything that showed a personal touch," she wrote. "No matter what I did to try to establish a relationship with the governor, nothing worked."

Clarence McKee told Bousquet that Carroll's account in the book of her minority voter outreach is correct. Susie Wiles, Scott's 2010 campaign manager supported Carroll's claim on how Carroll was placed on the ticket. Scott only conducted one interview with Carroll.

Wiles said that account was accurate. A long-time friend of Carroll’s, Wiles said she didn’t think the book would damage Scott’s re-election prospects. “I have a negative view -- as I think most people do -- of people who do these kiss-and-tell books after they have been trusted as part of the inner circle,” Wiles said.

According to Carroll, Scott showed no concern when Carroll fell and hit her head in a church. If true, this doesn't surprise me.

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