Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dubious Rubio Heckled by DREAMERS

If anyone thought that Sen. Marco Rubio can help get out the Hispanic vote than they are sadly mistaken. Rubio was heckled by DREAMERS at the Faith and Freedom BBQ in South Carolina.

United We Dream released a great statement.

“If Sen. Rubio wants us deported, we’re here to ask him to tell us to our faces,” she said. “We went to Sen. Rubio’s office in Florida, but his staff hid and closed the doors on us, so we’re here to let him know that Dreamers do not forget, and that we will fight to keep our DACA. The Florida immigrant community must see that Sen. Rubio does not stand for us.”

It is hard for the Rubio to say anything to the DREAMERS faces when they are getting kicked out of the BBQ. That is the point. The same thing happened to a DREAMER during a Paul Ryan book signing.

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