Thursday, August 21, 2014

Write A Caption: John Stemberger Edition

Anyone else see the problem with noted gay marriage basher John Stemberger wearing a "God Over Money" T-shirt while standing in front of his Lexus? Stemberger posted this comedy masterpiece on Twitter. Stemberger is a fan of ant-gay rights rapper Bizzle. I never heard the song since I don't hangout with Christian Right hipsters. Joe Jervis explains.

Florida hate group leader and fly champagne Lexus owner John Stemberger is referring to Bizzle, the rapper who was so outraged by the weddings at this year's Grammys that he issued a parody of Macklemore's Same Love in which he compared homosexuality to pedophilia and mental retardation with a bonus reference to Down Syndrome for extra Christian Loveā„¢ points. Courageous and godly!

I look forward to Stemberger discovering the Christian lyrics of NWA.

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