Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Rick Scott Dodges Minimum Wage Question

Gov. Rick Scott serves the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Don't think for a second he backs raising the minimum wage. Scott was forced to answer the question to the Tampa Bay Times.

"When I hear a politician say that we have to raise the minimum wage so working families can make ends meet, I cringe, because I know that statement is a lie," Scott said via email. "Even if we did raise the minimum wage, working families will still not be able to make ends meet on those jobs. We need good jobs that lead to good careers for our families and that's what I am focused on."

Governor, you know what could help these people make ends meet. A higher wage. Low wage workers aren't begging their employers and political leaders for even lower wages. How is it "a lie" that Floridians need a higher minimum wage. A report by the Alliance for a Just Society found that their are now less high paying jobs in Florida.

“Jobless Recovery” Masks Loss of Higher-Wage Jobs, Replacement with Low-Wage Jobs: The number of jobs in occupational categories with median wages above $15 an hour dropped by 4 million from 2009 to 2012, masked by an increase of 3.6 million jobs with median wages below $15 an hour.

The job recovery that Scott has been touting has been mostly McJobs.

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