Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Awesome Awkward Fox News Moment

Orthodox rabbi Shmuley Boteach called out the cast members of Duck Dynasty for gay bashing. Boteach appeared on the hysterically named The Real Story and created this extremely awkward for the panel.

BOTEACH: They've done tremendous damage to religion. We have to stop making religion in America about bashing gays. They have to just forswear that stupid comment about comparing homosexuality to bestiality. See, the problem in America is that we overlook all the heterosexual guys who are raping women 1 in 5 on the campus. We saw this terrible statistic that in Alaska-


BOTEACH: Bashing gays is not religion. What is religion is family dinners and combating the divorce rate.

Boteach is right. Bashing gays isn't religion.

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