Thursday, January 30, 2014

Most Obvious Email Ever

I got this breaking news email from the Alex Sink campaign under the headline "Disturbing."

We just learned that Tea Party Governor Rick Scott is hosting a massive fundraiser for Alex’s opponent, David Jolly.

Remember, this is the same Rick Scott responsible for the largest Medicare fraud case in U.S. history, taking advantage of Florida seniors for his own company’s profits.

Every big check that Scott and Jolly raise will go directly towards airing deceitful attacks against Alex -- ads designed to distract Pinellas voters from Jolly’s career as a Washington lobbyist.

And I thought David Jolly was raising money to buy Alex Sink flowers. Who knew that Jolly was going to run attack ads against against Sink. I am shocked that a Republican would host a fundraiser for another Republican. It almost gives you the idea that Republicans like to see Republicans win elections.

You know if Sink didn't spend so much time attacking Obama during the 2010 election the President might hold a fundraiser for her. Sink kissed that goodbye when Sink hysterically blamed Obama for her losing the Panhandle.

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