Friday, February 07, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging

A fascinating documentary of a lioness and a female leopard living together in the wild. Apparently, they were abandoned as cubs and raised together by farmers.

Mandla the leopard was injured by another leopard shortly after she was born, while Tamu the lioness was abandoned by her mother. Picked up by farmers, the two played and grew up together but were dropped back into the wild shortly after turning two. After being reintroduced into the wild, the two cubs realised not just their freedom but also the fears and solitary gains of being left to fend for themselves. As cubs, their fates were closely linked and defied the law of the savannah for the time being. Inevitably, hunger drives them apart as it brings out the innate nature of the different species: Mandla is resourceful while Tamu is nonchalant; Mandla hunts alone but Tamu hunts with a clan; and Mandla guides while Tamu follows and observes.

Unfortunately, nature breaks up the friendship of Mandla and Tamu.

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