Monday, January 06, 2014

Stay Classy Peter Schorsch

Javier Manjarres and I don't often agree on politics. I do think Manjarres is one of the best conservative bloggers around. Manjarres as been writing a lot about how Peter Schorsch makes money. Manjarres wrote that Schorsch has been posting highly positive posts about Southern Strategy Group after the lobbying firm advertised on SaintPetersblog. Southern Strategy Group is being audited after their accounting came into question. You wouldn't know that from reading Peter Schorsch's blog.

In 2012, white-shoe lobbying firm Southern Strategy Group rang in an impressive $2.54 million in lobbying fees during the second quarter. Fast-forward a year and add nearly $1 million to that figure for a total of $3.41 million in quarterly compensation. The increase over last year represents more than what most other lobby firms generate in full.

Of course, Schorsch fails to mention that those numbers may have been blown up by Southern Strategy Group. Hence the reason for the audit. Schorsch even posted the hard hitting news story on Southern Strategy's Christmas card. I kid you not.

Here is this year’s Christmas card from powerhouse lobbying firm Southern Strategies Group.

Each year, SSG commissions and delivers the most talked-about Christmas card in Tallahassee, typically with a political theme making hay out of one of the year’s top stories. This year is no different as the card pokes fun at the scandal surrounding President Obama and the aggressive surveillance programs of the National Security Agency. There’s some good photoshop work of President Obama dressed in a Santa outfit and a reveal line of, “He sees you when you are sleeping/He knows when you are awake/In 2014, be good for goodness sake.”

Powerhouse lobbying firm? Seriously? How can anyone take Schorsch seriously?

Apparently, Manjarres blogging has gotten to Schorsch. Schorsch fired off this racist tweet.

Schorsch will defend himself by saying that Manjarres once ran a lawn care service. Make no mistake. Schorsch is attacking Marjarres' Hispanic heritage. If someone leveled that kind of attack on Schorsch he would threaten a libel lawsuit. For someone who makes his living as a political hit man Schorsch can't seem to take a shot.

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