Saturday, January 04, 2014

Kathleen Peters Is Not Pro-Choice

The good thing about the Florida District 13 congressional primary is it is forcing Republican candidate Kathleen Peters to state her position on abortion. Peters has been trying to avoid staking her position on abortion. Opponent David Jolly has made that impossible.

Peters stated her views on abortion to The Tampa Bay Times.

Although Peters has previously been vague in some of her answers on the issue, she said on Friday that "I am absolutely pro-life." And Peters, a first-term state representative, said she had a track record "where I have voted on good policy that protects the unborn children." She added that she would never support taxpayer-funded abortions or mandates forcing religious hospitals "to do procedures that don't fit within their principle core."

The fact that Peters has been mum on abortion shows a lack of political courage on her part. Progressives shouldn't expect Peters to be a champion of abortion rights. Furthermore, Peters statement made it clear she has no interest in supporting reproductive rights.

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