Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Ted Cruz Sucks Up to Donald Trump

Sen. Ted Cruz has retained legal council to officially end his Canadian citizenship. The Daily Beast reports Cruz is seeking the approval of birther Donald Trump.

Still, with so much at stake, we should perhaps be unsurprised to learn that Cruz recently had a man-to-man chat with The Donald about his multi-culti roots. In this week’s interview with the Dallas Morning News, Cruz revealed not only that he has retained a lawyer to cleanse himself of his Canadian-ness but also that he had chewed over the issue with Trump. Cruz was mum on the context of the powwow. Nonetheless, we must give him props for recognizing that no one trumps Trump at hawking crackpot conspiracy theories about presidential legitimacy. Better to kiss the ring and defuse that bomb now than to risk The Donald dredging it up again the next time he needs to goose ratings for The Apprentice.

Republican presidential candidates seeked Trump's approval in 2012. Why? Trump is considered a walking punchline. Trump's constant conspiracy laced attacks didn't hurt President Obama getting re-elected. Do these same Republicans remember when Trump used to bash President George W. Bush?

Ted Cruz is not a serious man. No serious person would be within a hundred feet of Donald Trump.

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