Monday, December 23, 2013

Judson Phillips Makes No Sense

Judson Phillips has been having a hissy fit about the shit storm surrounding the comments made by Duck Dynasty reality tv star Phil Robertson. I personally could care less what Phil Robertson has to say on any subject matter. Culture war matters are all Judson Phillips cares about. It is not like Phillips is going to write deep analysis of policy.

The Duck Dynasty controversy has made Phillips write the hysterical op-ed "Liberalism is Sin. As with all Tea Party Nation posts it makes absolutely no sense. Phillips starts with a thesis.

Liberalism is sin.

Most people have an immediate reaction to that statement. Either they support it or totally reject it based on the assumption it is a religious dissertation on liberalism.

It is not. Religion has almost nothing to do with it.

If religion has nothing to do with it, how is liberalism a sin?

Sin comes from the Greek and Hebrew translations of the Old Testament. The original meaning meant to miss the mark. A current meaning of sin is to defy God's will. Christian religion has everything to do with the word sin. Phillips claims that liberalism can be a sin and have nothing to do with religion. That simply does not make sense.

No matter, Phillips doesn't have the mental discipline to stay on his thesis.

Liberalism as a sin is simply willfully violating the laws of God, man and nature.

Liberalism being a sin has nothing to do with religion. That is why Phillips declares liberalism a violation of God's will. Thanks for clearing that up, Judson Phillips.

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