Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kenn Kweder - Diablo

Philly music legend Kenn Kweder has been playing for 40 years. Kweder twice turned down major record label deals in the 70s. Kweder preferred to put out his music himself. Kweder wad indie before there was such a thing.

Here is a funny quote from Kweder on why he had to stop playing folk clubs.

Kenn: 1975/76 was when I started the band. Although I LOVED folk music I would eventually be banned from every folk club in philly for what they deemed OUTRAGEOUS behavior on stage, so I had no choice. I would have PREFERRED to have made my way via FOLK anyway over the Rock route but I had no choice at that point. I ended up taking all that so called “outrageous behavior” to the Rock rooms and it ended up benefitting me and my music ambitions to perform. I used to bring sword canes, whips and firecrackers on stage at the folk venues, so I guess I see their point now.

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