Sunday, January 05, 2014

Peter Schorsch Still Sending Emails To Me

I get this gem from Peter Schorsch.

The $68,000 is a civil fine stemming from the Florida Election Commission, and is not in any way connected to the grand theft charge.

Also, you state that the grand theft charge was a "conviction"; in fact, adjudication was withheld, therefore no conviction exists.

To state that someone has been convicted of something when they were not and you have been informed that they were not is a libelous offense.

This may or may not be true. Peter Schorsch is a pathological liar. Peter Schorsch publicly and repeatedly has called Brian Blair and Michael Pinson douche bage online. Schorsch has a history of running false attacks against political opponents. Worst of all, Schorsch was fired by his former employer Jack Hebert, for dating his Heberts teenage daughter. Schorsch was in his late twenties when he dated Hebert's daughter. Schorsch even bragged about it in the comments section of this blog.

First and foremost, is my blood feud against political consultant Jack Hebert. I mean, I hooked up with his daughter, for goodness.

Schorsch sent this wonderful email statement he was never going to send another email last month.

Alright, Michael, there's no convincing you. I accept that. You think you have something, so keep chewing away.

I will quit you from here on out. It's clear you can't read. I know Javier is illiterate and couldn't read, I did not know you couldn't.

As for your questions, who. The. Fuck. Are. You. To. Question. Me.

You could write that I slept with Rick Scott and you'll never hear from me.

Except maybe in court. None of my enemies have ever won against me in the long term. You won't either.

People, there is nothing scary about this little man. And Peter Schorsch is a very little man. Schorsch isn't a brilliant political consultant. He is just a small-time grifter who uses his blog to squeeze money out of people.



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