Thursday, January 09, 2014

Memo to Alex Sink: Stop Running A Republican Campaign

It is no secret I am not a fan of Alex Sink. I wrote that Sink did herself no favors by harshly attacking the Obamacare rollout. That is fine if you are running in a Republican primary. The problem is that Sink is running unopposed in a Democratic Congressional primary.

Sink has rolled out her rapid response site the Alex Sink Truth Team. If you didn't know that Sink was a Democrat you would think that Sink was a Republican. These are the truths Sink is revealing.

FACT: Alex is a fiscal conservative who cut wasteful spending

Alex Sink is a fiscal conservative with a record of bringing Republicans and Democrats together to cut wasteful spending and protect tax dollars by making government do more with less. The Florida Times-Union said Alex saved taxpayers money by streamlining her department as Chief Financial Officer, while PolitiFact wrote that misleading claims about Alex Sink increasing the debt were "Mostly False."


The Tampa Tribune wrote that Alex Sink "is a fiscal conservative who opposes new taxes" and the Tampa Bay Times wrote that Alex Sink "has no interest in raising taxes and proposes tax breaks." Newspapers across Florida have applauded Alex as a fiscal hawk who "attacked wasteful spending." In Congress Alex will apply the results oriented values she practiced as a business leader and Florida's Chief Financial Officer to cutting wasteful spending in Washington.

Sink's Republican opponents David Jolly and Kathleen Peters have been too busy bashing each other to focus on Sink. Now would be a time for Sink to distinguish herself from her Republican opponents. I highly doubt Jolly and Peters are going to advocate more taxes and debt. Sink is a scared and unimaginative. Once the GOP primary is settled a lot of national money will come in to fund the Republican nominee. Republicans are going to fight hard to keep this seat. Sink is the woman who lost to the charisma-challenged Rick Scott. Democrats should be concerned.

I am really fighting the urge to not start the Stop Alex Sink campaign again.



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