Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Alex Sink Still Making False Promise to Make Congress Bipartisan

I wrote before that if Alex Sink was elected to House of Representatives she would have zero ability as a congressional Freshman to create bipartisanship in Congress. Sink would lack to seniority and committee chairmanships to make bipartisanship change. Yet this is the only issue Sink is campaigning on. Sink released this statement on primary night.

“Our campaign is about one important message: bringing Republicans and Democrats together to focus on challenges that matter most to Pinellas. Congress’s gridlock is standing in the way of tackling challenges that impact our lives -- like helping businesses create jobs, protecting our seniors and veterans, and stopping flood insurance rate spikes that hurt homeowners. As Florida’s Chief Financial Officer and a business leader, my life has always been guided by bipartisan, results-oriented values. As our campaign continues, I look forward to continuing our conversation with Pinellas residents about bringing these values to Congress.”

There is bipartisan agreement on lowering flood insurance rates. The only other two positions Sink has clearly outlined is she does no new tax increases and is a fiscal conservative. Sink has in no way distinguished herself from a Republican. This is exactly why she lost to Rick Scott in 2010.

Mac Stipanovich made this on point comment about Sink.

“I’m not sure she wins at the end of the day,” said Mac Stipanovich, a Republican lobbyist in the state and former top adviser to onetime Gov. Jeb Bush. “She’s anti-charisma. She’s not a very good campaigner.”



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