Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Family Asks For Police Officer to be Charged For Marlon Brown's Death

The grand jury never saw the dash-cam video of Deland police officer James Harris running over fleeing suspect Marlon Brown. Harris was fired from his job. The grand jury decided not to charge Harris with Brown's death.

Brown's family settled for $550,000 on the grounds that they don't file a civil suit. The Brown family questions the medical examiner's report.

"At best the report is inaccurate, at worst it's a blatant lie," says Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump, who also represented Trayvon Martin's family. The Deland Police Department is claiming that Brown died of of a lack of oxygen.


The medical examiner determined that Brown died of "mechanical asphyxia" - essentially, lack of oxygen - and that the death was an "accident" caused by Brown being trapped under a moving vehicle.

According to Crump, the funeral director who prepared Brown's body tells a different story about his injuries, but a spokesman for Volusia County says medical examiner's office "absolutely" stands behind the autopsy.

Crump and Brown's family released the dash-cam video to the media. The Deland Police Department is now viewing the video. Does anyone watch that video and believe Brown died from a lack of oxygen?

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