Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cat Fight Between Robert Reich and Bill O'Reilly

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged Bill O'Reilly to a debate. Reich called O'Reilly out in a petition at Democracy For America to have a debate with O'Reilly.

Yet O'Reilly refuses to have me on his show to debate any of this -- either his initial charge that I'm a Communist, or his indignation that I mentioned it in last weekend's op-ed. When he first claimed I was a Communist I challenged him to a debate -- a civil debate. He refused. He still refuses. He won't even debate the topic of my op-ed -- the increasing shrillness and divisiveness of Fox News and other media outlets, which are only adding to the vitriol of American politics.

Why won't O'Reilly debate me? What is he afraid of? I don't know but I need your help. Please join my campaign and tell Bill O'Reilly that instead of talking about me, he should have the courage and decency to debate me.

O'Reilly is still hurting from his debate with Al Franken. O'Reilly isn't going to debate anyone who would publicly embarrass him.

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