Sunday, September 01, 2013

Bob Buckhorn Doesn't Heart Charlie Crist

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn made it clear to The Tampa Bay Times that he is not a fan of Charlie Crist. Buckhorn would like to see a viable Democrat run against Crist and Rick Scott. Good luck with that.

"I'm frustrated that our bench is not deeper than it is, the fact that we could conceivably wind up with a candidate who one or two years ago was saying something entirely different than where he is today," Buckhorn said. "Clearly Rick Scott is vulnerable. I wish we had a pro-business Democrat, a centrist, because I think that person could win."

Nan Rich has no support with the Florida Democratic establishment. Alex Sink looks like a scared candidate. Dave Aronberg couldn't win the Democratic primary for Attorney General in 2010. Crist is going to be the nominee. Democrats and progressives may like not like it but beating Rick Scott will be their first priority.

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