Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Republican Party of Florida Edits Out Bondi Being Against Medicaid Expansion

Retired blogger Benjamin Kirby has called Pam Bondi of being a robot.

I. Robot. Bondi. Prosecute. Prosecute. Prosecute. Robbers. Crooks. Scam Artists. Federal. Government. Health. Care. Takeover. Destroy. Destory. Destroy. End transmission.

Bondi is a talking points machine. I can never recall hearing an insightful word from Bondi that made me rethink my position on an issue. It is not surprising that Bondi went on the comedy show known as Fox and Friends and said she was against a Medicaid expansion for Florida.

"I felt very strongly that we should not participate in the Medicaid expansion, and the House of Representatives agreed," she said. "So, therefore, Florida is not participating in the expansion of Medicaid, and I'm very proud of our state."

Unfortunately for Bondi, she is not an astute politician. The Florida House not expanding Medicaid is unpopular. So unpopular that political reporter Matt Dixon noted that the Republican Party of Florida cut out Robot Bondi's Medicaid talking points from their Youtube clip. Bondi rants on about fraud and limited government. Hitting the usual talking points.

The Fox News website has the full video with Bondi stating she is Medicaid expansion.

Another fun Bondi moment was her saying that the Supreme Court didn't believe that the health insurance mandate penalty was a tax and predicted a repeal.

“They do not believe this is a tax,” Bondi said of the justices.

The mandate will be debated more tomorrow.

“I felt very confident,” Bondi said as she was surrounded by other attorneys general challenging the law.

Bondi's prediction was the absolute opposite of how the Roberts majority ruled.

By a 5-4 vote, the court held the law's mandate requiring Americans to carry health insurance or pay a penalty valid under Congress's constitutional authority to levy taxes. The financial penalty for failing to carry insurance possesses "the essential feature of any tax," producing revenue for the government, Chief Justice Roberts wrote.

Pam Bondi: legal scholar.

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