Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Pro-Choice Activist @VictoriaPrude Removed From Texas Legislature Hearing

Pro-choice activist @VictoriaPrude ripped into the Texas legislature. She was removed by Texas state troopers before she finished speaking. She was interviewed later by Daily Kos. @VictoriaPrude told Horace Boothroyd III that she was never given a reason as to why she was removed from the hearing.

There was no explanation. Senator Jane Nelson tried to say I was being disrespectful but how would she know? I barely got to give the complete performance review of every member on the committee. Pointing out that Sen. Donna Campbell is an ophthalmologist is not disrespectful when she asserts in a state hearing that she should be THE expert on reproductive health. What was disrespectful was the parade of anti-choice zealots and misogynists who got up for 13 hours and called women murderers, killers, promiscuous, thoughtless, and selfish. Not a peep from committee chair Nelson on those.

@VictoriaPrude was escorted off the capital. Her behavior may have been rude. I have seen tea party protesters go near riot mode against elected Democratic officials and not be removed from town hall meetings.

The first reaction was a true shock. And that was the hundreds of people who applauded me as I was escorted out of Capitol and who stayed with me so police couldn't isolate me. You can see some of it here. Parade as girl is escorted out of testimony Next, I came home to hundreds of new followers on social media. And finally, the texts, tweets, emails, and phone calls haven't stopped from friends and family alike. Texans are as angry as I sounded. We don't benefit at all from the polite oppression of Texas legislature "decorum". Dissent and rebellion continue to drive this fight.

This is true rudeness. This is the behavior of tea partiers at a Kathy Castor town hall meeting. These people thinks the Constitution gives them permission to act like obnoxious assholes and be respected for such behavior.

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At July 10, 2013 12:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning to watch. Excellent point about executing prisoners and then forcing women to deliver unhealthy babies. I can't believe The State of Texas doesn't teach sex ed. I can't believe you were scheduled to have time to speak and were removed, yet Ellen Sturz was given any attention at all for her unscheduled, inappropriate outburst about her rights at a private fundraiser for the rights of another group. I will not say whether I agree with you or not, but I absolutely admire you for taking your time to address your concerns to your government through proper channels, rather than pushing your story through at the expense of some other cause. Shame on Texas. Again. As political officials, their lives are up for scrutiny and when deserved, criticism. An ophthalmologist is not the correct doctor to head up reproductive rights of women. I hope after you leave for New York someone takes the torch from you and forces your government to listen to both sides of the debate equally. In the end, no matter which side the government sides with, each side deserves to be heard, allowed to speak and considered.


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