Monday, July 08, 2013

Everything Is A Secret to Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott has handled the search for a new lieutenant governor with his usual sense of paranoia. On June 12, 2013, Scott's communication director Melissa Sellers told the Orlando Sentinel that they haven't started a search for Lt. governor candidates. Scott told political reporter Steve Bousquet that the process was "internal."

"The process is an internal process," Scott said. "It won't be done externally."

Translation: Scott isn't going to tell the media anything about the selection process. I find the secrecy more interesting than who will be the next Lt. governor. Scott isn't going to let the future Lt. governor do anything from a policy standpoint. I noted high light former Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll's schedule was. Scott is very secretive about a position he places little value in. Imagine the lack of transparency if Scott was President. Scott would make Nixon look like an open government advocate.

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