Monday, July 01, 2013

Cat Fight Between John Morgan & Adam Putnam

We have a cat fight between attorney John Morgan and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. The fur started flying after Morgan started a statewide campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. Putnam's press office has promoted the fact that 37,000 marijuana plants have been confiscated by the state. Morgan has taken exception.

Morgan was asked what parts of Florida's government he would cut.

That’s not the case for John Morgan. The Florida attorney and Democratic rainmaker said if it were up to him, he’d know exactly where he would cut.

“Republicans always say they want to cut government, well I have a few ideas,” he said. “Let’s get rid of the lieutenant governor’s office and the Department of Agriculture.”

It was part of larger slam on Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. Morgan is spearheading a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana, while Putnam has publically cracked down on marijuana.

In March, Putnam’s office touted the fact it destroyed 37,000 marijuana plants and made 700 arrests through Florida's Domestic Marijuana Eradication Program.

“It's like, hey buddy, get a damn life," Morgan said. "Go do something that matters."


Putnam's office hissed back.

“The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is responsible for supporting Florida's $100 billion agriculture industry, ensuring a safe and abundant supply of food and safeguarding Florida's 19 million residents from unfair or deceptive business practices,” Amanda Bevis, a department spokeswoman, said in a statement.

I notice that Putnam's office isn't promoting 1,000,000 concealed weapons permits or his bromance with with accused child molester Chris Simcox, Minutemen, co-founder. Embarrassments like this happen when a politician panders too often to the wingnut crowd.

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