Sunday, June 30, 2013

Florida Has First Legally Bi-National Gay Married Couple

Florida finally does a progressive first in America. Julian Marsh and Traian “Tray” Popov of Fort Lauderdale are the first bi-natural married gay couple to have their marriage recognized by Popov's green card. Marsh and Popov couldn't marry in Florida because of the state ban against marriage. The couple married in Brooklyn, New York.

Their immigration attorney, Lavi Soloway of New York and California, believes Marsh and Popov’s case will “accelerate change” in Florida.

“That new reality changes the perspective of a lot of Floridians who probably never gave a thought to marriage equality,” said Soloway, co-founder of the DOMA Project for gay and lesbian binational couples.” Soloway, who said he represents “scores” of similar couples in South Florida, is pleased the first gay couple to get a green card is from the Sunshine State.

No matter how Gov. Rick Scott feels about gay marriage; he can't legally change the fact that Marsh and Popov are legally a married couple.

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