Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Darden Rice Beating David McKalip in Fundraising

More evidence that Democrat Darden Rice is going to beat tea partier David McKalip in the St. Petersburg City Council District 4 race. Rice is nearly doubling McKalip in fundraising.

Darden Rice, 43, a community organizer, has raised just over $31,000 between April and the end of June, putting her total at $56,225. She's spent a lot of it – about $20,000 since March.

David McKalip, 47, a neurosurgeon, posted a fundraising haul today of $21,750, bringing his total to $30,543. Most of that is already gone. Since March, McKalip has spent $26,297.

Rice is one of the few Democratic candidates loved by the progressive base and the establishment. McKalip is best known for sending out a racist email portraying President Obama as a witch doctor. McKalip is also known for reciting bizarre conspiracy theories at tea party meetings. Occasional PR contributor Alex Pickett said this about McKalip.

Good post. For those of us who attend St. Pete City Council meetings, this wingnut McKalip is the bane of our existence. Almost as annoying as that environmental wacko guy. His name escapes me (thank god).

The District 4 race is a rising Democratic star vs a doctor that repulses people. Darden Rice couldn't have picked a better Republican opponent.

Side note: I'm disappointed that McKalip isn't campaigning in his doctor's coat. McKalip was using that shtick when Congress was writing the Affordable Care Act.

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