Sunday, July 14, 2013

Glenn Reynolds Promotes Trayvon Martin Conspiracy Theory

I saw Chad Johnson, Esprit Capital Advisors, left a long conspiracy on a Facebook friend's comments section. Apparently, President Barack Obama and the Justice Department astroturfed the protests in Sanford after Trayvon Martin's death.

Eric Holder and BHO send down Justice Operatives to Sanford to organize protest rallies and pay for the costs, perhaps even pay agitators to keep up political pressure to persecute Z. The Feds chose a side and sought to impale Z with the full weight of the Federal government to create a race issue!

Under intense political pressure, the Fl. Governor appointed a Special Prosecutor to conduct a new investigation (Persecute Z on TV to satisfy the demands of the now agitated Black Community now seeking vengeance disguised as justice). The Prosecutor charged Z on the same insufficient evidence already discounted. (At that time the Prosecutor was running for re election and also wanted a “Hang’em high” case and “wind under her wings” that such a case a Z provided).

BHO stands for Barack Hussein Obama and Z stands for George Zimmerman. I find it fascinating that conservatives write in their own bizarre alternative language. This has much to do with they really don't think their argument out. If Obama was behind a conspiracy to help get George Zimmerman charged and convicted then why was Zimmerman found not guilty? The wonderful thing about being a conspiracy theorist is never having to explain how you came to your conclusions.

I wondered where the conspiracy theory that Obama hired "agitators" came from. Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit has been promoting this nonsense. Reynolds linked to a Townhall op-ed by John Ransom. From the Ransom piece.

I grew up in a country where the rule of law was supreme. Or at least it seemed that way.

But somewhere along the line the varnish of polite society has been worn off so that the brass now shows through.

That’s why today nobody is really surprised that the DOJ has sent rapid response teams to Florida to organize African-Americans to protest against the government.

Nowhere in Ransom's op-ed does he ever provide any proof that Obama was behind the Sanford protests. This is an example of why what is printed on the Townhall website should never be considered journalism.

Reynolds is known for linking to racially insensitive articles and web sites and then claiming the defense that he doesn't stand by these views. This is laughable coming from a man that proposed committing genocide on Muslims and praised white supremacist Thomas Woods. Reynolds supported a Rush Limbaugh photoshop image of Obama shining Sarah Palin's shoes. I have said this before and I will say it again.

Reynolds could care less about real racism. He wants to use any means he can to attack Democrats. Reynolds furthers racism by falsely accusing others and defending those that perpetuate it.

You wonder where a lot of conspiracy theories on the Right come from. Look no farther than Glenn Reynolds.

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