Thursday, June 06, 2013

Quote of the Day

"In other words, he’s a racist hatemonger. Just to be clear. So much for hope and change."

Glenn Reynolds

I noted before that Reynolds is a fan of the writing of white supremacist Thomas Woods.

Reynolds has made racist comments here and here. The Nutty Professor recommended the book 33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask by Thomas Woods. The author is a founding member of the League of the South. It is a white supremist group. The website operators won't come out and state their racist intentions. The board members even issued a statement that they aren't racist. They just want the South to succeed from the Union. And I have great swamp land to sell you.

This is the same Reynolds that advocated for genocide against Muslims.

Civilized societies have found it harder, though, to beat the barbarians without killing all, or nearly all, of them. Were it really to become all-out war of the sort that Osama and his ilk want, the likely result would be genocide -- unavoidable, and provoked, perhaps, but genocide nonetheless, akin to what Rome did to Carthage, or to what Americans did to American Indians. That's what happens when two societies can't live together, and the weaker one won't stop fighting -- especially when the weaker one targets the civilians and children of the stronger. This is why I think it's important to pursue a vigorous military strategy now. Because if we don't, the military strategy we'll have to follow in five or ten years will be light-years beyond "vigorous."

This isn't the only time that Reynolds advocated genocide against brown people that he doesn't like.

NOTE: It is certainly possible to conquer Afghanistan. We simply kill everyone we see (without being too fussy about how), except those who go in “protected zones” (sounds better than Concentration Camps) where we strip everyone of arms and kill anyone who looks like Taliban. Eventually, we turn the country over to the people we like. They won’t have any trouble holding it, since we will have killed most of the people who disagree with them. This is the Boer War with better sanitation and a worse climate, and this technique always works if you don’t mind being fairly murderous. It would be a massive undertaking, though I imagine the Russians would be more than happy to help. And certainly it’s within our abilities if we care enough. But, again, what exactly do we get out of this?

Anyone advocating genocide and concentration camps has no business calling the first black president a racist. Glenn Reynolds is a disgusting human being.

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