Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Equality Florida May Challenge State Gay Marriage Ban

Equality Florida sent out a press release stating that they are willing to challenge the Florida constructional ban against gay marriage.

"As the entire country awaits the Supreme Court's rulings, it is time for all who believe in equality and fairness to take a clear stand on the right side of history," the organization's executive director Nadine Smith said in a conference call.


"While the fastest path to marriage equality in Florida is not yet certain, we do know that we will not just wait," Smith said. "We intend to win marriage, and all options are on the table including new legal challenges and the possibility of going back to the ballot to overturn Florida's discriminatory ban."

I change in the Florida constitution would require 60 percent approval from voters. You can thank Republicans for making that undemocratic 60 percent threshold.

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