Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tea Party Guy Tasered at Anti-Gun Rally

Daniel Musso is an extremely obnoxious man. John Cantin spoke at a Mayors Against Illegal Guns rally. Cantin's daughter, Melissa Charbonneau, was shot and killed by her husband in 2009. Cantin attempted to speak. Cantin was shou There is even a young man armed and wearing a shoulder holster. The whole point of these tea party astroturf pted down by tea party protesters The whole point of tea party protests in physical intimidation. This is illustrated by Musso coming up to the podium and yelling at Cantin as he is speaking. Musso is standing to the side of Cantin in a red shirt.

Law enforcement has usually let tea party protesters get away with uncivil behavior. (A 2009 Kathy Castor town hall meeting was a near riot.) This wasn't the case for Musso. Apparently, Musso thought freedom of speech allowed him to place his hands on a Concord police officer. Musso then refused to allow himself to be handcuffed. THe result was Musso being tased and arrested for two counts of simple assault.

I am no fan of tasers. I also I not going to piss off several police officers. People, use common sense in these situations. Which is apparently something members of the tea party don't have.

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