Saturday, June 22, 2013

Conservatives Bashing Mitch McConnell on Immigration

The Senate Conservative Fund is attacking Sen. Mitch McConnell on the immigration reform legislation being drafted by the Gang of 8.

We're going to launch a new radio and TV ad campaign on Monday to flood Senator McConnell's office with more calls so he cannot ignore us.

We're not asking him to vote against the bill. A simple "No" vote is not enough from a leader. We're asking Senator McConnell to use his position as the Republican Leader to defeat it.

The Gallup poll has been unreliable in recent years. Nevertheless, Republicans should be concerned when they see a poll that says 87 percent of Americans support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Other polls have shown Americans favoring a pathway to citizenship for immigrants. Recent elections have shown the GOP losing the Hispanic vote.

I'm interested in why does the Republican Party think bashing Hispanics is good politics. Is the Republican Party stuck on the Nixon Southern Strategy Playbook or are their members really th at xenophobic. If McConnell kills immigration reform then the GOP and Marco Rubio's presidential ambitions are screwed. That is fine by me but I don't believe the Republican Party is trying to lose on purpose. That is why their opposition to immigration reform makes no political sense.

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