Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Charlie Van Zant's Stupid Anti-Abortion Bill

Florida House Rep. Charlie Van Zant is one of the dumbest elected officials in Florida. That is no small accomplishment. In 2009, Van Zant made a bizarre argument for drilling off the coast of Florida.

"God created oil and will create more once we pump what is there."

If we don't drill, China, Argentina and Cuba will so they can fund terrorists." "Drilling will provide more money for Florida than tourism."
None of these statements by Van Zant have any basis in reality. Once all oil is taken from the Eatch it is gone. If Van Zants plans on living until the fossils of current animals and humans turns into oil. I hope Van Zant has a few million years to spare.

The BP spill showed that the oil industry can actually hurt the Florida economy. Tar-stained beaches kept tourists away and hurt real estates sales in Florida.

The United States hardly has stellar relationships with China or Cuba. China gets a great deal of its trade from the United States. Cuba still is paid by the United State for Gitmo. Argentina is highly overstated as a security threat by Republicans. Only Argentina has becoming a giant is producing oil. None of these countries had citizens involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Van Zant is the sponsor of HB 845. The bill would forbid doctors from performing abortions based on the sex of the fetus. Van Zant told The Buzz that Florida has become a "safe haven" for foreigners wishing to have a abortion based on the sex of the fetus. Van Zant provides no evidence of this because there isn't any. I would not be surprised if Van Zant believes his own nonsense based on his idiotic past statements.

This bill isn't even a good way for anti-abortionists to prevent abortions. Not that you would expect Van Zant to come up with something clever. Women will just say that the sex of the fetus has no bearing on wanting an abortion. In Van Zant's mind, his bill is protecting Florida from illegal immigrants sneaking over the border just to come to Florida to have an abortion because of the sex of an unborn child. This is the kind of bullshit people tell themselves when their beliefs don't stack up against reality.

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