Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rick Perry's Anti-Gay Marriage Argument

Gov. Rick Perry makes the twisted argument that people that support gay rights are bigots.
“The underlying problem is that there is this very vocal, very litigious minority of Americans willing to legally attack anybody who dares utter a phrase or even a name that they don’t agree with,” Perry said. “In a twisting of logic, they insist on silencing the religious in the cause of tolerance. Now I ask you, where is the tolerance in that?”

Perry doesn't realize it, but he made the arguyment that the Defense of Marriage Act is constitutional. The First Amendment states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Perry and others like him wish to legally impose their religious views on other Americans. That is clearly unconstitutional and religious bigotry. Perry doesn't realize that people in America have the right to disagree or not paticipate in any religious faith. America isn't Afghanisthan under the Taliban.

Personally, I think Perry is doing some projection with his comment that gay rights advocates are intolerant. If Perry really was a devout Christian he wouldn't be so willing to execute immates. The Bible repeatedly states that murder is a sin. I doubt Perry supports a literal interpretation of Leviticus 24:17.

Anyone who takes the life of a human being is to be put to death.

That passage could be used by Perry to support his use of the death penalty. A selp-proclaim biblical literalist like Perry would also have to sentence himself to death, in order to obey God's law. I would advise Perry to ignore that passage of the Bible.

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