Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alex Sink Plays Hamlet

Alex Sink seems determined to become the Mario Cuomo of Florida politics. Cuomo kept people on the edge of their seats about whether he would run for president in 1992. Curio never made a decision and Bill Clinton became president. Sink told the Tampa Tribune she is undecided on if she will make a decision.

"The message is that I'd say, given what I've been through in the last several months, now is not the time to make a life-changing decision one way or the other," Sink said.

"Where my head is, it's not time for me to close the door to the possibility. Different people have interpreted what I've said in different ways, but right now it's time for me to be focusing on taking care my kids and myself and dealing with the terrible loss of Bill."

Sink claims the AP misquoted her. What part of Sink saying she would not likely run does she not understand.

"Without a husband, without the person that I relied on the most to shore me up and give me good advice. That's changed. That's changed everything," Sink said. "Right this minute, if you're asking me, it's off the table. I'm not prepared to say, 'No I'm not,' but I'm much further away from a run today than I was three months ago."

Sink spent her last campaign bashing President Barack Obama. That will payoff the Obama and the DNC backing Charlie Crist. Obama is not going to back a previous loser who blamed him for her loss. If Sink does run she won't get past the primary. Crist will crush her.

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