Friday, February 22, 2013

End Florida Polytechnic University

I wrote recently that Florida Polytechnic University was created to increase the property value of former State Sen. JD Alexander's housing project. FPU was formerly a part of the University if South Florida. Alexander cut the USF budget to force the school to give up the polytechnic campus. FPU is now an independent university without accreditation, a student body or classrooms. It takes money to start a new university. FPU has gone over budget and is requesting $25 million.

The Board of Governors want Florida Polytechnic Chairman Rob Gidel to give the BOG a status update. his should be ugly.

"Those benchmarks include expectations regarding accreditation, academic programming, staffing, student enrollment, and facilities," Colson said.

What accreditation and student enrollment. FPU has about as much credibility as the University of Phoenix. The Florida legislature needs to pull the plug on FPU. This bogus university is going to be a drain on tax dollars.


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