Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Norm Roche = Winning

Norm Roche was one of the four Pinellas County Commission members that voted against flouride in public water. Commission members Nancy Bostock and Neil Brinkfield joined Roche in the vote. Bostock and Brickfield were voted out of office. Their Democratic opponents Charlie Justice and Janet Long used the flouride issue to paint their opponents as tea party extremists. Hysterically, Roche tells Creative Loafing that there was no mandate to put flouride back in public water.

Roche gave a blustery speech to his fellow Commission members. Roche told them that he didn't care if he came off like a "right-wing tea party extremist." It is safe to say that Roche has crossed that threshold a long time ago.

Comedy gold came when Roche asked to put the flouride issue up for a public referendum vote. Not one member of the commission seconded the motion.

Roche is another Republican that frames defeat as victory.

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