Thursday, October 18, 2012

We May See the Florida Legislature in Court

Circuit Judge Terry Lewis ruled that the Republicans in the Florida legislature will have to testify about how they drew the district maps.

But in a complicated decision, Circuit Judge Terry Lewis this month stated that there is a reason to allow some questioning since it involves the "essential right of our citizens to have a fair opportunity to select those who will represent them."

"Frankly, if the compelling government interest in this case does not justify some relaxing of the legislative privilege, then there's probably no other civil case which would," wrote Lewis in his Oct. 3 ruling.

Republicans in the legislature argues that transparency would hurt their ability to legislate. That is a rather odd talking point.

"The depositions would interfere with the core functions of a coordinate branch of government and are calculated to chill the freedom of action and deliberation within the legislative branch," states a court brief filed Monday.

It is somehow against "freedom" for citizens to question how their elected leaders make new district maps. The GOP legislature must really think their constituents are stupid.

I would be happy with computers drawing up districts into square and contour blocks. Get with of gerrymandered rad districts. Ditto gerrymandered red districts and repealing civil rights legislation that create heavily black and Hispanic districts. We would get districts that are a better reflection of mainstream America. Both parties would have a fit if these changes were to happen.

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