Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shorter Bill Nelson: Don't Mess With My Cow

The funniest part of last night's Senate debate was Connie Mack constantly going after Bill Nelson's cows. Mack went after a property tax cut for cows on an owner's land. Nelson owns cows. Whether or not you think the tax cuts should be law is a worthy discussion. However, this has to be the first debate I've seen where cows became a heated issue. Mack twice went after Nelson's cows. Nelson finally had enough. Don't fuck with a man's cows.

Nelson responded that his family has pastured cattle on the land for 60 years. The second time Mack brought it up, Nelson shot back, "Not only has it been a cow pasture for 60 years, why don't we ask him why he takes two homestead exemptions, which is directly contrary to the Florida Constitution?"

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