Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jay-Z: The Power of Our Voice

Mitt Romney has the endorsements of Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Jenna Jameson, Jeff Foxworthy, Lindsay Lohan and Dave Mustaine. Did the Romney campaign go to a Celebrity Rehab casting call and ask if anyone wanted to support Mitt?

President Barack Obama has Jay-Z speaking eloquently about how President Obama's 2008 presidential campaign restored hope in many Americans in the political process. Republicans diss government and then ask you to vote them into government. That sales pitch is like a restaurant owner telling you his food tastes like shit and you should spend your hard-earned money to eat at his establishment.

Obama spoke of government making lives better. What is the point of electing people to office that say government will do nothing for you. This isn't about government doing everything. The choice between Obama and Romney is a Democrat that will try do to something vs. a Republican that doesn't care about 47 percent of America.

Mitt Romney expresses disgust that 47 percent of Americans feel entitled to food. Do you really think this man gives a damn about you?

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