Friday, August 03, 2012

RNC Strip Club Update

Litbrit and I have discussed filming Republicans behaving badly at strip clubs during the Republican National Convention. We even contacted Occupy Tampa to see if they will help. (Does anyone at Occupy Tampa answer their email.) It seems that the Republican establishment is concerned about their members appearing on Youtube.

House Republicans are officially worried that lawmakers and staffers will stray off the straight-and-narrow path at the GOP convention in Tampa this month.

With the advent of cell phones, anyone can be an opposition tracker, so members should be wary of doing anything in public, Rep. Pete Sessions, the National Republican Congressional Committee chairman, warned fellow Republican at the Capital Hill meeting Wednesday.

Republicans in the House are so worried that they will hold several ethics briefings. This is most likely aimed at the freshman Republican representatives and staffers that got into office courting the Christian Right tea party vote. This says much about the GOP's social conservative credentials.

I continue to encourage people to film Republicans going to the Tampa strip clubs during the convention. They won't be hard to spot. They will be goofy-looking, either wearing suits or dressed in bad tourist garb. Let's make these Republicans Youtube stars.

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