Friday, July 27, 2012

Tampa RNC Strip Club Update

It is no secret that Tampa strip clubs are looking to make big money from the Republican National Convention in Tampa. There was this tidbit in the New York Times that I found hysterical.

As further evidence of the clubs' nonpartisan appeal, Don Kleinhans, the owner of the 2001 Oddsssey, said when the Promise Keepers, a male evangelical group, came to town years ago, business was rollicking.

"We had phenomenal numbers all weekend, and they walked in wearing badges and name tags and weren't shy at all," he said.
I bet Republicans would be embarrassed if Occupy Tampa was protesting outside and video-recorded delegates entering the clubs. I am not saying that should be done or those videos should be posted on Youtube. If those videos are on Youtube, I wouldn't suggest you send me the link. Especially, if it is a famous Republican. I would never ever suggest such a thing.

It may not be possible to film Republicans entering several of the strip clubs. The clubs are making special VIP entrances the aren't visible to the general public. That doesn't mean it is impossible for someone with mad ninja skills to get record a video of a prominent Republican. It would be most unfortunate if that was to happen. However, citizen journalists have the First amendment on their side.

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