Friday, July 27, 2012

Domestic Partnerships Begin Aug 1 in St. Petersburg

Via Saint Petersblog: the city of St. Petersburg will begin allowing gay and lesbian couples to register for a Domestic Partnership Relationship Certificate. Registration will begin at the St. Petersburg City Clerk's office on August 1st.

Items needed to register. 1. Driver's licence, state ID, passport or military ID.

2. $30.00 for registration fee.

For more information: call 727-893-7448.

Side note: since it was announce that St. Petersburg would do the domestic partnership registration, I have heard no news stories of straight people rushing to get divorces. The fact that there has been a lack of controversy over the domestic partnerships shows that the Christian Right is losing the gay marriage debate. St. Petersburg is not the ultra-liberal San Francisco. People are becoming more comfortable with the idea of gay marriage.

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