Friday, August 03, 2012

Rick Scott Mum on Absentee Voter Fraud Reform

Republican consultant Rick Wilson tweeted about voter fraud on Twitter. I gave Wilson a poke by asking what he wants to do about absentee voter fraud. Voters at polling stations had to provide a Florida ID. Absentee voters do not have to produce an ID in a face-to-face meeting with poll workers. Wilson did not respond to my tweet.

I asked Wilson this question because establishment Republicans have no interest in actual voting fraud reform. If you wanted to illegally vote, an absentee ballot is the easiest way to do it. Mind you, I don't think their is massive absentee voter fraud. I merely wanted to put Republicans on the spot about their sincerity about voter fraud reform.

Fortunately, the media asked Gov. Rick Scott about what he wants to to about absentee voter reform. Like the terrible politician he is, Scott suddenly had marbles in his mouth. According to Naked Politics, Scott became very "vague" about alleged absentee voter fraud. Scott's spokesman (possibly Lane Wright) only allowed a few questions on absentee voter fraud. Scott's spokesman cut the Q & A short and whisked the governor away.

Republicans have no interest in absentee voter fraud reform. The reason being is the majority of absentee voters are registered Republicans. The people disenfranchised by Scott's dubious voting reforms college students, minorities and the poor. Anyone notice to people hardest hit by the changes in the voting laws aren't likely to vote for Rick Scott.

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