Monday, March 05, 2012

There is No Moral Majority

Jerry Falwell liked to tell Americans there was a "Moral Majority" of people that hated feminists, gays and black people with the same passion as him. The controversy surrounding Rush Limbaugh's "slut" remark disproves Falwell's claim. The latest proof that Americans don't buy into social conservatism is the new Gallup poll

Mitt Romney now leads Rick Santoum by 16 percent. Republican voters didn't suddenly decide that Romney was the second coming of Ronald Reagan. GOP voters can't stand Santorum's self-ri'ghteousness. Alex Leary of The Tampa Bay interviewed Pennsylvania voters and found that Republicans felt Santorum spent too much time discussing social conservative issues.

"He's too preachy," said Marilyn Harrison, 80, who remembers Santorum knocking on her door in Mount Lebanon in his first Senate run in 1994 and being impressed with his vibrant attitude. In 2006, Harrison crossed party lines and voted for Democrat Bob Casey Jr., whose father had been immensely popular as governor and shared Santorum's pro-life views.

"Santorum is out of step with the day," Harrison said. "I'm not against family values, but I don't want him imposing his version on others."


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